Lumina Intense Pulsed Light - IPL


Lumina intense pulsed light is effective long term hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, red vein, and pigmentation removal.


This medically approved technology requires the client to have a consultation and patch test 48 hours prior to the first treatment. A course of treatment may be required (especially for hair reduction) as the light only disables the hair follicle in the active growth phase of the hair cycle.


For skin rejuvenation 3 - 6 treatments are recommended and for red vein and pigment removal 1- 3 sessions.



Hair Reduction 

Prices are for one treatment session. When one more than one area is to be treated there will be a discount of 15%. For other areas eg, shoulders, abdomen etc please ask for a quote


Consultation and patch test                                                                                    £ 37.50

Lip                                                                                                                                £ 55.00

Lip and chin                                                                                                                £ 70.00

Underarm                                                                                                                    £ 80.00

Bikini                                                                                                                            £ 90.00

Extended Bikini                                                                                                        £ 110.00

Lower leg                                                                                                                  £ 195.00

Upper leg                                                                                                                  £ 250.00

Full leg                                                                                                                      £ 400.00



Red Vein and Pigmentation Removal

These vary in size and quantity and may need 1-3 treatments each. A price guide for each treatment is;


A few lesions                                                                                            £ 55.00 - £ 80.00

Larger areas                                                                                             £ 80.00 - £ 195.00


Please be aware that for all IPL treatments the client should not have been exposed to UV light for at least four weeks prior to treatment and should not have an active tan at the time of the treatment.



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