Clarins Face and Body Treatments 


Clarins Deluxe Facial                                                                                               £ 97.50

An intensive three stage facial consisting of double exfoliation, lymph drainage

massage and supplementary serums to target key concerns. Includes back, neck and shoulder massage.


Relaxing Balancing Facial                                                                                      £ 75.00

Whatever your skin condition, this customised treatment will rebalance and improve overall tone of skin.


Rebalancing Body Massage                                                                                    £ 85.00

Deeply relaxing to restore energy/vitality using 100% aromatic oils. Great for easing stress tension or just sheer indulgence!


Top to Toe Bronzing Treatment                                                                              £ 75.00

Enjoy an all year round natural looking tan without the harmful effects of sun exposure - includes exfoliation.


Gentle Skin Smoother                                                                                              £ 52.50

An exfoliating body treatment leaving skin visibly brighter, smoother and super soft. Ideal before or after a holiday or special event.


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