Lumina intense pulsed light is effective in long term hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, red vein and pigmentation removal.

This medically approved technology requires the client to have a consultation and patch test 48 hours prior to the first treatment. A course of treatment may be required  (especially for hair reduction) as the light only disables the hair follicle in the active growth phase of the hair cycle.

For skin rejuvenation 3 - 6 treatments are recommended and for red vein and pigment removal 1-3 sessions.


Consultation and patch test                                                     £ 30.00


Hair Reduction - (prices are for 1 treatment session- please refer to salon price list for discounted course prices.)

Lip                                                                                                  £ 50.00  

Lip and chin                                                                                 £ 65.00

Underarm                                                                                     £ 75.00   

Bikini                                                                                              £ 85.00

Extended Bikini                                                                         £ 100.00

Lower leg                                                                                     £ 195.00

Upper leg                                                                                     £ 250.00

Full leg                                                                                         £ 400.00        

Red Vein and Pigmentation Removal


These vary in size and quantity and may need 1-3 treatments each. A price guide for each treatment is;


A few lesions                                                                      £ 50.00 - £ 75.00

Larger area                                                                        £ 75.00 - £ 125.00


Please be aware that for all IPL treatments the client should not have been exposed to UV light for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment and should not have an active tan at the time of the treatment.

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