Hair V Go and Electrolysis


Hair V Go 


This pain free hair removal treatment works on fine, downy hair on the face using an alkaline paste to remove and reduce unwanted hair.  Regrowth is finer, slower and sparser. A course of treatments is recommended for greater hair reduction.


Lip or Chin                                                                £ 30.00

Course of 6                                                              £ 150.00


Lip, Chin and sides of face                                    £ 50.00

Course of 6                                                              £ 270.00



Using a diathermy current and a sterile needle to cauterise circulation to hair follicle or for red veins and skin tags.

15 Mins                                                                       £ 29.50

Course of 6                                                              £ 165.00


Red Vein and skin tag removal                            £ 49.50

Course of 3                                                               £ 135.00

Are you fed up with Peach Fuzz ( fine downy hair) on your face?
Before and After 1 Hair V Go Treatment

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